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Mevaero stands at the forefront of the aviation industry, pioneering the integration of leading-edge digital processes to redefine the order-to-ship workflow completely.
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Expansive Inventory and Global Network

Extensive Range of Spares: Our inventory is comprehensive, covering a wide array of spares and components crucial for the upkeep and efficient operation of business jets. From engines and avionics to landing gear and cabin components, we have it all.

Robust Global Network: Partnering with a global ensemble of suppliers and manufacturers, Mevaero guarantees not just the availability but the prompt procurement and delivery of spares.


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Empowering Business Aviation with Comprehensive Spare Parts Support


Mevaero is dedicated to meeting the airframe component needs of business aviation clients. With an extensive inventory that includes consumables, rotables, and structural components, we ensure that our clients have access to a wide range of high-quality parts.


Mevaero is the leading provider of new and genuine used engine components, modules, and QEC kits for business jets. With rapid ship times, including an AOG service, we prioritize delivering your engine parts efficiently. Our commitment to full part traceability ensures compliance and peace of mind.

Landing Gears

Exclusively partnering with trusted suppliers, Mevaero maintains an extensive inventory of landing gear structural components and system spares accessible through our global supply network. Our services include 24/7 AOG support, facilitating non-routine exchanges, and supplying for planned overhaul programs.

Auxiliary Power Units

If you need a new APU, spare parts for an HSI, or replacements for combustion liners, fuel nozzles, accessories, or harnesses, SAS can provide the inventory to meet your APU requirements. Our knowledgeable procurement teams have the capability to acquire and deliver components for all leading APU manufacturers, such as United Technologies, Honeywell, and AlliedSignal.


Whether you require avionic solutions, the Mevaero team has a wide range of products available in stock or can source them through our extensive supplier network. From analog instruments and installation kits to ADAHRS, air data systems, flight displays, oxygen systems, and indicators, our strategically-located distribution hubs ensure that you receive reliable, fast, and professional support at all times, day or night.



To ensure prompt dispatch and access to vital LRUs and LRMs, Mevaero provides a comprehensive inventory of line-replaceable units, encompassing avionic, APU, and engine accessories. Our commitment to delivering swift and efficient service at competitive prices is bolstered by our round-the-clock support and dedicated AOG service.


Ground Power Units

Mevaero offers comprehensive support for all your GPU (Ground Power Unit) needs. Whether you require a portable power supply, transformer rectifiers, frequency converters, or diesel-powered units, we have the expertise to guide, supply, and assist you. Our range of ground power solutions is cost-competitive, reliable, and efficient, ensuring that we can tailor the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements.

Computers & Technical Tools

Mevaero understands the significance of rugged mobile devices and electronic flight bags in both maintenance and flight operations. We collaborate with reputable global suppliers to ensure we have a comprehensive inventory of tablets, digital devices, and aviation-specific software suitable for business aviation applications.

Test Equipment

Mevaero boasts a team of highly skilled professionals and a vast supplier network dedicated to fulfilling all client requirements for test equipment. Our comprehensive product range encompasses avionic, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, and oil test equipment, ranging from oscilloscopes to brake test rigs.


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Mevaero sets itself apart as the leading provider of business aviation spare parts, offering efficient and reliable solutions to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of your business jets.

Unrivaled Expertise and Customized Support

Our customer-centric approach ensures that you receive tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and maximize your business aviation operations.

Unparalleled Service Quality and Competitive Pricing

With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, Mevaero prides itself on delivering services of the highest quality.

Expansive Inventory and Global Network

We stock top-of-the-line products sourced from trusted suppliers and manufacturers across the globe.

Streamlined Workflow for Swift Aviation Spares Support

Mevaero is at the forefront of the business aviation industry, dedicated to providing efficient and reliable spares support for your aircraft. With strategic investments in digital processes, we have revolutionized the order-to-ship workflow, enabling swift delivery of the spares and equipment you require.
Our cutting-edge systems ensure a seamless experience from order placement to delivery, eliminating unnecessary delays and minimizing downtime.

Reliable and Timely Delivery

At Mevaero, we prioritize delivering spare parts for airplanes with utmost speed and reliability. We understand the significance of timely spare part delivery to minimize downtime and keep your aircraft operational.